Physical Vapor Deposition (Sputtering)


Robusta®300+ is a fully automated, multi-chambered production system. Robusta®300+ is equipped with Physical Vapor Deposition chambers, Mini-Batch Degas chambers and Pre-Sputter Clean chambers for complete production of PVD sputtering. Robusta®300+ can sputter various metals on to different substrates, for example, TiW/Au, Ti/Cu, Al, NiV, and many other metals. The substrates can be Silicon, Glass, SiO, SiN, Polyimide (PI), PBO, Epoxy Molding Compounds, Silicon on glass etc.

In advanced packaging industry, Robusta®300+ has become the only PVD tool for 5nm (N5) Bumping metallization production. Furthermore, Robusta®300+ uses unique Super Low Temperature Pre-Clean chamber and Mini-Batch Degas chamber for ultra low contact resistance (Rc) requirements of the latest bumping production. This production proven lowest Rc results in a much better electrical property performance. Now, it is widely used by major customers for the most advanced IC production. Robusta®300+ is also an affordable solution for advance wafer level packaging.

Robusta®300+ (PVD x3, Mini-Batch Degas x1, Super Low Temp. Pre-Clean x1)

Robusta® is equipped with
  1. Equipment Front-end Module for 12” FOUP. And it is also configurable to 8” wafer production needs.
  2. Mainframe containing 2 Loadlock chambers and 6 standard process chamber facets for maximum production needs.
  3. PVD chambers working for UBM/RDL and TIV liner/barrier layer metallization.
  4. Super Low Temp. Pre-Clean chamber using MERIE mode plasma etch with super low temp wafer chuck. It helps to reduce out-gas generated from substrate and remove out-gas effectively.
  5. Mini-Batch Degas chamber removing out-gas with ultra-high vacuum capacity and fast temperature ramp system