Company Profile

Leading Precision Inc. was founded in 2007. We are a professional semiconductor manufacturing equipments maker and service provider. In our fledgling years we concentrated on customization of equipment for semiconductor back-end manufacturers. But our scope quickly expanded to include ultra high vacuum sputtering systems used in semiconductor back-end packaging, LED, and advance WLCSP and TSV manufacturing equipment. Currently Leading Precision Inc. products include fully automated PVD systems and customized equipment and systems. Leading Precision Inc. is devoted to development in semiconductor back-end packaging related equipments.

At Leading Precision Inc. we have one of the most comprehensive technologies in back end semiconductor manufacturing equipment allowing us to confidently provide our customers with high efficiency customized equipment. Leading Precision Inc. works closely with both our suppliers and customers, on a daily basis, to insure we continue to meet the rigorous demands of our customers and to uphold the highest standards. In the future we will continue to provide the best equipment and service possible, along with our superior R&D staff, we will continue to enhance and produce systems of the utmost quality.