Leading Precision Inc. (LPI) was invited by TSMC to give a talk in SiP Global Summit 2018- Day1 on 9/06.

The topic was "Customization Service: A Collaboration Model to Effectively Develop Production Worthiness Process Equipment for the Back-end Wafer Level Packaging Industry". President Mr. Michael Lay shared a collaboration model which led to development of an entirely customized PVD system addressing customer's problems, and in less than 3 years, through continuous improvements, the system was able to release for production in the back-end wafer level packaging industry with optimized thruput and steady available time.

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Robusta® fulfills increasingly requirements of electrical property to high quality PVD for high density and fine-pitch RDL in WLCSP, and is a proven solution.

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Contact:Mr. Jeff Yin/ Hsin Wang

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